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29 Feb

Interview: Zac Posen @Mac Cosmetics

Multe noutati sunt anuntate in agenda noului sezon. Unele sunt deja dezvaluite, altele sunt en train de.

MAC Cosmetics, un brand cunoscut pentru implicarea constanta in domeniul modei, a anuntat, recent, noua colectie, in colaborare cu Zac Posen, o colectie pe care designerul a creat-o ca o optiune moderna pentru red carpet. Zac a declarat ca, imbracand de-a lungul timpului numeroase vedete si fashion-icon-uri on the red carpet, prin aceasta colectie de make-up poate ajunge sa ofere aceeasi glam experience tuturor femeilor. Altruista motivatie, nu?

Colectia, ce marcheaza 15 ani de colaborare intre cele doua branduri, contine 10 produse menite sa ofere un make-up de Oscar, rujuri in trei nuante superbe: mandarina, rosu si nude, pudre fine si tot arsenalul pentru smokey eyes.

Sunt sigura ca sunt produse de exceptie pentru ca MAC Cosmetics este un trust brand la fel ca si Zac Posen si mai stiu ca intotdeauna o astfel de colaborare, ce implica nume cu o buna reputatie, nu ar scoate pe piata, niciodata, un produs mediocru.

Astfel, recomandarea mea este de a va achizitiona cu incredere produsele colectiei care va plac si doar pe cele care se potrivesc stilului, tenului si fizionomiei voastre.

Nu incurajez niciodata sa cumparati compulsiv, doar pentru ca un produs arata spectaculos pe tipa din campanie.

Selectati cu grija, ganditi-va ce va pune in valoare, ce produse v-ar evidentia mai bine trasaturile frumoase, pe care le aveti, ce se potriveste cu calitatea sau natura tenului vostru si apoi: shopping.

M-am gandit sa va ofer si un interviu cu celebrul designer, un interviu plin de informatii utile si binevenite, o placere sa-l lecturati.

  1. M∙A∙C and Zac have a long standing history of 15 years. How did you first start collaborating together?

The collaboration with M∙A∙C and Zac started almost 15 years ago when I showcased my collection for the first time during New York Fashion Week. They were among my first supporters and have stuck by me all these years.

  1. Why beauty now?

Over the past 15 years I have learned a great deal from M∙A∙C about beauty. Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand, I have always wanted to create a makeup collection to complement my designs and brand – it was only natural to work with M∙A∙C to create my first ever signature collection.

  1. What is your first M∙A∙C memory?

My first M∙A∙C memory is the opening of their store on Spring Street in SoHo. I first experienced the brand as a consumer, living in Soho and going to the M∙A∙C Spring Street store opening. It was the unveiling of the first VIVA Glam Campaigns with KD Lang and Ru Paul. I was wearing a little bowler hat and Duffy from MTV handed me the microphone to do the interview with Ru Paul and KD Lang. I’ll never forget that moment and it was the beginning of a longstanding relationship with the location and with the brand.

  1. What moments in your life inspired you to become a designer?

The moments in my life that I think inspired me to become a designer were seeing my father’s, artist Steven Posen, process as a creator. On top of that, living in SoHo, New York, in a time when the fashion scene really tapped into the street and the art world, granted me the possibility of being in the midst of it. I lived in New York City my whole life and have experienced the changes over the years.

  1. Describe your involvement in picking the products and shades for the collection? What was your favorite part?

There was a lot of passion infused with selecting the products for myM∙A∙C collection. I wanted to create a modern option for the red carpet. We dress so many amazing, iconic women on the red carpet that I wanted to extend the glamour to a larger public, the essentials to master a great smokey eye, a lush-colored lip, and an invisible powder which eliminates the shine and makes one picture perfect at all times.

  1. Describe your sources of inspiration and creative process for this collection?

My source of inspiration was the global beauty of women. We looked at a wide cadre of iconic images, from Irving Penn to Patty Smith. I wanted to keep it luxurious, a little mysterious and clean with a large dose of star wattage.

  1. Growing up in New York helped shape your image of beauty. How do you evolve your style transitioning city to city?

I think New York portrays a very specific beauty look. It’s really on-the-go and diverse. When you transition to different cities globally, there is the idea of the American look and how beauty is symbolized: a polished but not overdone look is something that American women embody for the rest of the world.

  1. The collection is made up of 10 items, why did you choose such a focused lineup?

I wanted to create what I think are the essential items that a makeup artist or a woman needs to be ready for the Oscars. The collection is debuting just in time. You can get the Oscars look while watching the Oscars at home. It’s truly elegance at your fingertips.

  1. What makes this collection red carpet ready?

This collection gives the wearer the option to create a dramatic eye or lip. Generally I think the two don’t need to go together. However, I wanted to have an option in a kit that could all be held in a clutch on the red carpet. A color palette that can work on a wide array of different women: from age to skin tones. I strongly believe that beauty comes in every shape, size, and age.

  1. As a designer what’s your favorite beauty product on a woman? Which product is your favorite in the collection and why?

My favorite would be the perfect red lipstick. It’s totally transformable and adds that fashion edge that pops. It can be worn day-to-evening, it can dress up an outfit, and I think it’s the easiest for a quick application. I love the eye shadows and lastly whether you’re going on a red carpet or a just taking a selfie, the invisible powder is pivotal.

  1. What was the inspiration for the packaging?

My inspiration for the packaging was pulled from the Zac Posen brand signifiers. We have, a now-signature, rich grey-greenish that is accented with a gold logo. I wanted to keep the packaging neutral to let the colors shine.

  1. How do you compare your creative process for fashion vs. beauty? Were there any surprises?

Like any great collaboration, this was a great learning experience. When I create clothing, I’m building everything myself. I wish could have visited the labs to mix the pigments myself, but then I would have been there for days. All in all, it’s very similar: you start with a concept and you alter and define that original idea according to the commercial realities. You learn where you can push your creativity and where you want to create a surprise factor for the customers. You want them to be happy with the final product. We collaborated very closely with the full M∙A∙C team. They were involved every step of the way, from James Gager (SVP Creative Director) and Jennifer Balbier (SVP Product Development) all the way down. Every possible part of this collaboration was combed over and perfected: from the coloration of the brush to the dimensions of how all of the square units fit together. We chose a square unit because I thought it made the roundness of the actual makeup itself more sensual inside the packaging, you open it up and it’s like a dress inside.

  1. How does your MA·C beauty collection compare to your fashion lines? Do you feel it relates more to one of your collections rather than another?

No, I think it works across the board. We tried to look at all 15 years of beauty collaborations with M∙A∙C and I just wanted to find something that exemplified the brand in an empowered, glamorous, and feminine look – and of course, in my own way.

  1. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me is confidence. It comes from the inside. Obviously a little help on the outside gives anyone a boost.

  1. What are the beauty rules you believe every woman should follow?

Well I think every woman, if they’re interested in beauty, should find their signature look. You can become your own creative artist because I believe that all women are creative beings and beauty is a great place to express that creativity. Beauty just like fashion, is so individual. For some people more is more and for some people less is more. In general, from what I’ve learned over the years from celebrities and countless photo shoots, the secret is to blend well.

  1. Who is the Zac Posen woman? Is there a thread of commonality that runs through each of your collections?

The Zac Posen woman is confident, she is creative, she is in touch with her femininity and she is ambitious. These are the commonalities.

  1. What do you hope the Zac Posen woman will glean from your collection with MA·C?What might the M∙A∙C customer new to Zac Posen learn about you through this collection?

This collection gives the Zac Posen woman a piece of me and a piece of the brand with an air of with sophistication and playfulness, without necessarily having to wear the clothing. For the M∙A∙C customer, it elevates a level of mystery and sexy femininity. I believe this Zac Posen and M∙A∙C collection brings a little bit of sophisticated glamour and couture to the already very celebratory and eclectically wonderful M∙A∙C brand.

  1. What might people not know about you?

Not sure what they don’t know about me. I took African dance from the ages of 8 to 18, I sang opera until I was 18, I cook, I don’t drive YET, and I love horse-riding.

  1. Who is a “Zac-ette”?

There are a few “Zac-ette’s” in my life. “Zac-ettes” are the women that work in my company and the unofficial and official ambassadors of the House. They are the women that continually inspire and star in our collections and in our look books. They are friends, clients, and fans that have been cultivated all around the world.







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