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14 Feb

My Kind of Love in words!


Detest cinele romantice, cu predictibilitatea a ceea ce urmeaza, declaratiile de dragoste, pe termen lung, fiindca nu cred ca cineva il poate asigura pe celalat, cu privire la ce vor deveni amandoi in timp, si, ca atare, nici nu poate garanta un forever inlove, rosul imi repugna din frageda copilarie, dantela nu a fost inventata pentru mine, iar cuvintele dulci imi provoaca indigestie mentala.

Singura modalitate to touch my soul este muzica si some key words, pe care imi place sa le aud!

Si pentru ca azi ne spunem cuvinte frumoase Valentinilor nostri , am alcatuit o selectie de 5 piese, in viziunea mea, de dragoste, cu care eu as puteat fi oricand cucerita, desi nu mai e cazul 🙂

On the top of the list , favoritii mei Depeche Mode si felul lor  simplu si necenzurat de pudibonderie, de a se exprima ! Enjoy it!


Depeche Mode- Soothe my soul

I come to your house
Break down the door
Girl I’m shaking
I need more

I’m coming for you
I need to feel your skin
I’m coming for you
To stop this crawling

I’m taking my place
By your side
I’m not leaving
Until I’m satisfied


INXS- Never tear us apart

We could live
For a thousand years
But if I hurt you
I’d make wine from your tears


U2- So cruel

I disappeared in you
You disappeared from me
I gave you everything you ever wanted
It wasn’t what you wanted

The men who love you, you hate the most
They pass right through you like a ghost
They look for you, but your spirit is in the air
Baby, you’re nowhere


Charles & Eddie- Would I lie to you!

Everybody’s got their history (History)
On every page a mystery (It’s a mystery, yeah)
You can read my diary, you’re in every line
Jealous minds, never satisfied


Portishead- Glory Box

Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be, a woman
I just want to be a woman
From this time, unchained
We’re all looking at a different picture
Through this new frame of mind
A thousand flowers could bloom
Move over, and give us some room


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Tatiana Ernuteanu
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